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Visit the Plimoth Patutex Museums

The Plimoth Patutex Museums are rich with information about Native American culture, their everyday lives, and pilgrim history. Visit the museum and check out the indoor gallery exhibit, cinema, and the Plentiful Cafe serving delicious New England fare.

This outdoor living history museum also offers a fully functioning community that offers a glimpse into 17th century English village life. Go back in time to a land filled with modest timber-framed houses, livestock, aromatic kitchen gardens, and simple, engaging townsfolk.

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Visit the Plimoth Patutex Museums

Visit the Plimoth Patutex Museums

  • Price:

    • $32.00 (Adult)
    • $29.00 (Senior)
    • $19.00 (Child)


    • 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.


    • Self- Guided tours
    • Museum workshops


    • Lunch & Learn 400 Years Ago: A Look Back at Spring 1621
    • Homeschool Day: Making History!
    • Plimoth After Dark: Painted Tiles
    • Family Fun Night: Pilgrim Mini-golf
  • Is parking available at Plimoth Patutex Museums?

    Plimoth Patutex Museums offers free parking at the Plimoth Plantation. All guests arriving in cars can park in the main parking lot. Guests with official disabled or handicap placards or license plates can park in the lower parking lot.

    Are there places to sit through the Plimoth Patutex?

    Yes. The Plimoth Patutex has several benches on the walkways outside the visitor center. Guests can also sit and rest on the chairs and benches in the 17th century English Village. Comfortable seating is also available at the Wampanoag Homesite inside the traditional Wampanoag houses.

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